• Supports the patient-centered multi-professional health care team environment
  • Encourages interprofessional awareness, communications and respect
  • Promotes awareness of health information literacy and cultural competency

IPE is one of the top priorities of health sciences education at the University of Utah, as we promote patient safety and healthcare quality improvement. (Read more)

Items of special importance


Interprofessional Education Video Contest

Interprofessional Education Student Video Contest

Your Opportunity to Shine!

We want you to share information about your profession with other health sciences students. 


Assessing Health Professions Education: A Workshop Summary

Assessing Health Professions Education.pdfThis pre-publication report just released from the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education Board on Global Health, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

The report discusses the challenges and potentials of assessment in Health Professional Education, with a large emphasis on Interprofessional Practice and Interprofessional Education.  Lots of food for thought!


Creating the Health Care Team of the Future: The Toronto Model for Interprofessional Education and Practice

Just released, this book is written by the directors of the very successful University of Toronto Centre for Interprofessional Education.  The authors discuss the "how's" and lessons learned from their pioneering efforts in IPE.  The book includes tools, such as their IPE Framework for developing competencies across the continuum, "Points for Interprofessional Education System (PIPES) which allows any educator to review a program for its alignment with interprofessional education attributes and make revisions that can increase that alignment.  A must read!

"Understanding Teamwork in Health Care" Lange textbook now available through AccessMedicine

Electronic fulltext is now available to University of Utah for "Understanding Teamwork in Health Care," by Gordon Mosser, James W. Begun, a Lange textbook on Interprofessional health care.  The book contains four sections and 19 chapters.  It strongly correlates with the IPEC "orange white paper"  which is foundational to our IPE Scenario program.  

Section I. Healthcare Teams and Team Members

Health Literacy Tutorial

Health Literacy Tutorial

This tutorial, created by the Education Subcommittee of the University of Utah Health Literacy Interest Group and the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, is a brief introduction to the importance of health literacy in patient interactions, and introduces some tools to improve patient understanding. 

AIHC Webinar Series: April 17

American Interprofessional Health Collaborative (AIHC):  Transcending Boundaries, Transforming Learning

Interprofessional Webinar Series:  A Leadership Discussion on Interprofessional Education 

Creating Exceptional Interprofessional Teaching and Learning in Clinical Settings:  The University of Toronto Journey 

April 17, 2014   12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Mountain Daylight Time

How to schedule the HSEB Clinical Center and the Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center

How to schedule the HSEB Clinical Center and the Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center.


Step 1

New IPE eBooks available

We have several new eBooks of interest to IPE.  Check them out!



Concurrent Users


Collaboration Across the Disciplines in Health Care


Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

Escape Fire Poster.pdf

ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

All Together Better Health VII Call for Abstracts

The 7th International Conference on Interprofessional Practice and Education     

Friday to Sunday, 6-8 June 2014
University of Pittsburgh Campus, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Co-Hosted by the University of Pittsburgh and The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education 


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